Cultural History of Science: A Possible Path for Discussing Scientific Practices in Science Teaching?

Cristiano Barbosa de Moura, Andreia Guerra


Several researches in Science Education have pointed to the importance of teaching both the scientific content and the issues about the building process of science. A path indicated to concretize this aim is the introduction of History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science (HFSC) in basic education. More recently, proposals have brought the study on science practice to the center of this debate, bringing issues that advance in relation to methodological approaches guiding the study on Science in Science education. To contribute to the debate on this subject, this work aims to explore paths to approach the History of Science, supporting pedagogical interventions, in which scientific practices
are key elements. To fulfill this goal, we developed a theoretical paper that, based on the literature of the field, discusses Science Teaching objectives in basic education; then, it brings considerations regarding the concept of scientific practice and how it fits into the goals of science education. Finally, we turn to historical contemporary studies, which point out the historiographical approach named as Cultural History of Science could be a path to include issues related to scientific practices, aiming a Science Education that promotes citizenship link to public issues focused on social welfare.


Cultural History of Science; Scientific Practices; Science Teaching.

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