Designing Educational Material for Scientific Intercultural Education: The Harvest of Milpa in Mexico as an Example for Dialogue

Alejandra Garcia Franco, Luz Lazos Ramírez


In the present paper we present a proposal to build educational materials for science education, which explicitly consider cultural diversity. We underscore the relevance of establishing relations between scientific (school) knowledge and traditional (or indigenous) knowledge in order to promote intercultural dialogue that contributes to the education of citizens who are capable of understanding the world and taking decisions that better let them realize their own life project. We present a set of criteria to evaluate educational materials that promote such dialogue and discuss these criteria for a particular example: the harvest of maize in a policrop system known as milpa which is very common in the region called Mesoamérica. This example shows how specific and local contexts are relevant for science education from a dialogic and intercultural perspective.


Intercultural science education; traditional knowledge; indigenous knowledge.

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